If you have a question and can't find the answer here or anywhere on the website please don't hesitate to contact us.


My GPS said the marathon was long - isn't 26.2 miles enough?

This is a trail race, and trail races are often not exact distance.  In the spirit of the outdoors who would argue about a tenth of a mile here or there and worry about exactly how long the race is?  The Race Director has personally run this course many times with a Garmin 405 and averaging all of the data reveals an overall course distance of 26.3 miles.  That extra tenth is just for good measure! 

Why no t-shirts?

As mentioned throughout the website, the major point of this event is to put on an environmentally friendly race.  We strive to continue reducing our environmental impact and help others realize how easy it can be.  This is a great event held in a beautiful Indiana state park - the memories you'll leave with will outlast one more shirt for the drawer or closet... 

Can you have the park entrance fee waived for participants?

In order to avoid inconveniencing park personnel we decided against doing this (they would have to get a list of registrants and take the time to double-check the name of every person who drives in and says they're part of the race).  Instead, I lowered registration fees after the first year.  You'll still have to pay at the gate, but the race will have cost less, so it's a wash.  Also, enforcing the pay-on-the-day-of fee will hopefully encourage carpooling from folks who have that opportunity. 

I got injured/sick/can't make it to the race, can I transfer my registration to someone else?

As long as you contact the Race Director via phone & email AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE THE RACE START we will work to accommodate your transfer.  We cannot make promises, but we will try.  You MUST have all pertinent registration information for your replacement included in an email that is sent and then follow up with a phone call. 

I got injured/sick/can't make it to the race, can I get a refund or a credit for next year?

Although this is something commonly not allowed with running events we will accommodate refund request ONLY if the Race Director is contacted before the race meets the 100 participant registration cap OR the end of early registration - whichever comes first.  After the first one of those two criterea is met refunds will not be provided.  ALSO NOTE that the refund amount will only be equal to the initial cost of the race registration, NOT the additional fee collected by during the registration process.  Credits for future events are not allowed. 

Is there any way to avoid the wooden zig-zag ramp?

The zig-zag ramp is a unique part of the race!  Also, with the route how it is, the only way around it would involve running behind the amphitheatre and coming through/around the parking lot on each lap.  The last thing we want to do is add pavement to the race.  Some may not enjoy the zig-zag ramp, but everyone who is not cheating will have to do it, so there is no reason to look at it as a disadvantage. 

Can I walk the race?

Walk the 14K - absolutely yes!  Walk the marathon . . . well, we wouldn't encourage it.  But, if you're confident you can walk the distance in 7 hours or less then you're welcome to sign up.  That's about a 16-minute-per-mile pace though, on trails.  Please review the "race info" page prior to registering and make sure you're okay with both the overall cutoff time as well as the cutoff time for beginning your third loop. 

I'm not sure I can make the cutoff time - can I start early?

No.  All participants will need to begin at, or after the official race start (no adjustments will be made for late starters).  We apologize, but if you're not confident you can finish in 7 hours or less this may not be the event for you. 

Can I bring multiple pairs of old athletic shoes to turn in?

Yes, and we would love to accept as many as you can bring!  But, please understand that the $5 refund is only valid once per participant per year. 

Can I run with my dog?

Regrettably, no.  Due to an increase in claims arising from events that allow dogs/pets to participate our insurance provider will no longer insure such events.  As a result of that we must ask that you either leave your furry friends at home, or have your cheering party watch them during your time on the trail.