REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  Please go to the Race Info page for details.


PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to continue making this the most environmentally friendly event possible we have made the decision to no longer provide a t-shirt option for registrants.  Two other changes returning participants will notice is that registration costs have been reduced and during the registration process you will have the option to donate additional funds to Lincoln State Park . . . which we highly encourage of course!


This event consists of two races on the trails within Lincoln State Park.  Our main goals are to benefit the park and be as environmentally friendly as we can while putting on an enjoyable event for all involved.  All proceeds will be donated directly to Lincoln State ParkProceeds from past events have been used for things like planting trees and trail maintenance.


The race organizers believe that environmental awareness is one of the most important issues facing the world today.  Since we love trail running and the environment we decided to combine the two!  Please check out the environment page on this website to see everything we do.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions for more efforts we can make